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Blind Love (7 x 10mins)


Follows four single blind millennials in their search for love. 

Repped by Ro*co Films

Independent Lens YouTube Channel


International Adoption Center,

Cincinnati Children's Hospital

Baring It All (52 mins)


When his friend loses her breast to cancer at age 32, fashion photographer, David Jay deals with it the only way he knows how, by taking her picture. The implications are wider reaching than he ever imagined. 

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Blue Is The New Pink

The Pink Ribbons Project

Walk Like A Man (52 mins)


Narrated by former Australian rugby champion, Ian Roberts, Walk Like a Man traces the journey of two of the world's best gay rugby teams, San Francisco Fog and the Sydney Convicts as they battle in the World Cup of gay rugby - the Bingham Cup. 

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As Love Would Have It

Marriage Equality Ireland

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