2012 Emmy Award Winner - Outstanding Special Class Special

When his friend loses her breast to cancer at age 32, fashion photographer, David Jay deals with it the only way he knows how, by taking her picture. The implications are wider reaching than he ever imagined.

“Baring it All” follows David Jay on an excursion from his life as fashion photographer into a world of young women scarred by breast cancer. Determined to restore their faith in life and their own beauty, Jay creates a photographic series of young survivors, aged 18 to 35. The portraits are beautiful yet challenging. The result is cathartic and empowering.  

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Narrated by former rugby champion, Ian Roberts, “Walk Like a Man” traces the journey of two of the world's best gay rugby teams, San Francisco Fog and the Sydney Convicts as they prepare to battle in the World Cup of gay rugby - the Bingham Cup. This tournament is named after 9/11 hero, Mark Bingham, a passionate gay rugger and one of the passengers on Flight 93 who stormed the cockpit and prevented the hijackers from turning the flight into a weapon.  “Walk Like a Man” is a real life drama about real life issues punctuated with blood, sweat and queers! 

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THE SENATOR AND HER WIFE [working title]  In Production

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“The Senator and Her Wife” follows American-born, Irish Senator Katherine Zappone and her wife Ann Louise Gilligan, a former Irish nun, as they petition the nation of Ireland to recognize their Canadian marriage. These mature theologians seem unlikely candidates to wage a campaign for gay rights. But their unassuming charm has caused a stir in the Emerald Isle. With the world looking on, the Irish Courts have a historic choice to make. Will they decide to be a leader among nations or remain entrenched in the power of religious teaching and tradition? 


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